Decision Sciences Inc.
Decision Sciences Incorporated designs and develops state of the art applications for a wide range of organizations to include the Department of Defense, state and local police departments, and commercial industrial manufacturing companies. Our varied partner base allows us to demonstrate the flexibility with which we are capable of approaching problems and working as a team to come up with unique, specialized solutions.
Below are several of our clients and strategic partners.

US Marine Corps

Marine Corps Systems Command PM Ammo
  • Joint Munitions Command - SMCA IBAT (Industrial Base Assessment Tool)
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US Army

Joint Munitions Command (JMC)
  • Industrial Base Assessment Tool (IBAT) - SMCA Items
  • Status Tool for the Environmental Program (STEP)
  • Engineering and Analysis Studies
  • Industrial Base Analysis Studies

Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM)

Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD)
  • Industrial Base Decision Support Tool
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US Air Force

Eglin AFB
  • Test Range Asset Management System (TRAMS)

ManTech Office, AFRL/MLM
  • Lean Supplier Integration Demonstration
  • Industrial Base and Commercial Studies

Air Armament Center
  • Warrior Support Tool
  • Weapons Database and Scoring Tool

Air Force Research Laboratory
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Choctawhatchee Eletric Company (CHELCO)

Certified Information Security (CIS)
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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Production Simulation Support
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Hewlett Packard

Asset Schedule Pro
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BAE Systems

Logistics control Information Support (LOCIS) Program C2 Component for Munitions
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A National Asset for National Missions
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EG&G (formerly Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Griers, Inc.)
Marine Corps Support
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General Research Corporation International
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